Wednesday, July 31, 2013

St. Louis Weekend Trip Vol. 2

On the second day we decided to explore the City Museum. Oh my word! This has to be one of the coolest places on the planet. A wonderland of exploration and discovery all completely interactive. It was amazing and intense and incredible and we're going back next weekend! So this post should really be entitled City Museum Take 1. The word museum should really be interpreted loosely as it is much more of a completely interactive art instillation and fun house. Made from materials found and sources from within St. Louis it has tunnels for climbing, caves for exploring, slides for speed and so much more. Multiple floors for investigating and exploring.

The main floor where you enter had a little river and a pond filled with big catfish and turtles. That's what Reggie and Grammy are looking down at. The stuff hanging from the ceiling is stripes of fabric which actually created a very neat effect.

There were several huge pillars filled with these shells. I really like the colors and texture.

There existed several levels on this main floor so you could crawl, climb or walk around to see all they had crammed into this space. We left the crawling and climbing for Daddy and Uncle Mark and us ladies decided to walk around to see the sights. Grammy's not much for crawling and we discovered Reggie isn't big on climbing in dark spaces. As a baby she was such a climber but she appears to be much more cautious now.

This little long cabin was very neat but despite how the flash in my camera makes it appear it was rather dark back there and Reggie wasn't interested in going too much closer.

Daddy was like a kid in a candy store. He was having a blast.

Seeing some of the sights with Uncle Mark.

Behind them is the little river Reggie was very intrigued by.

For a moment I was worried she was going to dive in there.

I loved the mosaic pillars

The antique shoe lace factory was very cool to check out. They were still making shoe laces when we were in there.

Of course Grammy let Reggie pick out a few treats. Apparently grandbabies are meant for spoiling.

The 3rd floor was my favorite. It had Toddler Town, Art City, a train to ride and a circus!

Art City was beyond cool. They had 4 tables set up where you could either paint, model clay, make a mixed media project or color. Plus everything was covered in chalk board paint so you could draw with chalks everywhere. Of course my Reggie picked painting because she LOVES to paint. Usually we do water colors at home but on this day she decided to investigate the tempura. Purple of course.

She can get very intense when she paint but I think that is a good thing.

This tray of glitter was at perfect toddler height. I bet there isn't a child around who could walk by without digging in. I know mine did! In fact, it was hard for me to resist.

Toddler Town was just around the corner from Art City. A great place to play for those six and under.

She was eager to show daddy the dinosaur slide.

I wish I had gotten a better picture but he is huge. You climb up the stair on his tail and slide down his neck. There is also a bridge to another slide off of his back and you can climb up inside his tummy.


Talk about a ball pit!

My sweet husband loves these souvenir penny smashing machines. Seriously loves them. Like makes several every time we come across one of them.

Don't you just love her "just take the picture and move on already" smile. At least she isn't hiding her face anymore...

The 3rd floor also boast the Everyday Circus! We were extremely fortunate to be there on a day they had the FAQ Circus with is a circus coop made up of student from the Circus college in Quebec. They were amazing and honesty if I had only know circus college was an option when I was a teenager I'd never seen the inside of beauty college. Imagine the hobbits having a clown for a nanny. That would have rocked!

Yes, this guy totally flipped multiple times over all of these audience members. He recently set the world's record for most back handsprings by a male. Something like 42 back flips in a row. Incredible.

This fellow did things I didn't even know were possible on a tight wire. Hello cartwheel?!?! He danced up there like a ballet dancer shaking his grove thing. It was amazing.

The clown was hip, modern and hysterical.

I want to be her when I go up!

Up on the roof they have even more excitement and fun to explore.

Like this school bus. Reggie is very in to buses right now so I took her on it because she was very eager to "ride the bus". Except I didn't realize it hangs out over the side of the building and is like 12 stories up. I am a huge chicken and could barely get off the bus thanks to fear.

She scored some more change off of Grammy to throw in the splash pond. I knew there was a potential for getting wet up here so we had a mid day wardrobe change. Her bathing suit and terry cloth romper would be much more fun to get wet that her dress and leggings.


Daddy took her on the stepping stones.

He's very good at things like this. Plus he had a change of shoes in the car, I did not.

As you can see we had a full day of adventure and fun and little Miss Reggie was passed out, sound asleep before we even got out of the parking garage!

Honestly I can't recommend exploring the City Museum enough. It is a magical place for kids and adults of all ages and sizes. In fact we're heading there again this Friday with our church Youth Group. I will try and get pictures of some of the other floors and the caves this time.

And this concludes what I am sure is the longest blog post ever. Thanks for stick through to the end!


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