Monday, October 28, 2013

Dreams of dresses

Well KCW just passed us by and I finished nothing. Turns out I misplaced my motivation and my schedule was filled with non-sewing related activities. Grrr 

I'll make up for it in the coming months. I have a lot that needs to get done ASAP. Like coats and pants for the girl hobbit. But a couple weeks ago I did make this beauty and never got around to showing it to you. (Unless you're in my beloved "Mamas Group" on Facebook) I literally dreamed about making this dress all summer. I'm currently crazy in love with ecru crochet trim. I would stitch it on to everything if I could. I got the stretch linen at Textile fabrics in Nashville early in the summer and just had to wait until the air has a faint crispness to it so I could justify making a Fall jumper. I envision this over many different shirts and even with cardigans.

She certainly approves!


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