Friday, October 18, 2013

Photography Help for the Everyday Mama

I've been itching to learn for some time now how to take better pictures. As someone who has very few photos from my childhood I'm a little neurotic about it now. Also being a scrapbooker and the keeper of the memories doesn't help the picture count any. I take lots and lots of pictures. Most of them rather mediocre actually. Some of them are pretty bad and on occasion I catch a good shot. I've been looking around the internet for ways to improve but in reality I needed ways to improve that did not involve sinking lots of money into this endeavor and let's be honest, photography equipment can be crazy expensive. I needed a way to do it that was realistic, helpful and geared towards a mom who just wants to catch better images of her family not necessarily open a photography business. Which is why I was over the moon happy to learn about The Snap Academy Workshop! Melissa has created the perfect class for us, those mamas wanting to learn the basics for capturing our family's memories.

Please, check it out. You'll be so happy you did. An added bonus is she is running an incredible deal right now so you won't want to miss out. get the info you really need and help support a fellow mama!


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