Friday, December 13, 2013

The Art of Conversation

Today I was chatting with my Bestie via Facebook Messager. Sometimes we take a break from texting to get down to some seriously chatting. Well you know, squeezed between juggling the chaos at our various houses. I tell my husband that she keeps me sane but he's read through some of our dialogues and seems to think we're both insane.... today we had the best conversation. I'll skip the part were we talk about poop, sick kids and how long it's been since either of us bathed and just give you an excepts of the brilliance that is the M&C show...

M: someday you and i are going to the Squam art workshops
C (that's me): What a dream that would be!!!
We could follow the Yarn Harlot and SouleMama around until they politely asked us to stop and you ratted me out for being a fiber hoarding non knitter and then they would insist on teaching me by force and we could all sit around sipping wine except I would just be pretending to sip wine because I hate it and would have a secret flask of creamer laced coffee
M: So you are making me laugh and N keeps asking "what's so funny!"
C: I've thought this scenario out before. Can you tell?
M: Maybe a little. I just started thinking about it so I do not have any scenarios thought out.
C: It would be so amazing! And we could yarn bomb something which is like my favorite thing ever. Maybe I should tell Michael I need a subscription to Taproot for my birthday
But we could only yarn bomb with left over yarn since I'm too cheap to waste the good stuff.
What are you guys having for supper?
M: Leftovers.
C: Leftovers are the best thing ever
M: You? Something with out onions?
C: Brown rice pasta and Trader Joe's sauce. Heat and eat tonight...


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