Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A JuneBug in May!

KCW certainly has motivated me to get Reggie's Spring/Summer wardrobe in order. Our upcoming vacation to Tennessee has also been a motivating force. I decided to make some easy breezy summer tunics and dresses out of voile this year. My goal was light and airy dresses that can be worn alone during the hot months but that can easily be layered over long sleeved tops and leggings once the temperatures start dropping. I like to get a lot of mileage out of the things I make for the girl.

Clearly I must really love this Anna Maria Horner print since I have it in 3 different colorways (I'm occasionally very excessive) but I'm really digging the yellow and orange in this fabric right now.

I used the June Bug dress tutorial from Craftiness is Not Optional which I love. It is the same pattern I made R's Easter dress out of but this time I shortened it quite a bit. I also leave out the elastic at the bottom of the sleeves since I wanted it to feel very free and playful.

She's wearing this over some yellow capris leggings from Baby Gap that used to be pants. Someone keeps getting taller but not necessarily wider so this works out well for longevity in clothes. I thought she would look adorable in her orange sandals but Madam Shoe Queen had another idea...Cowgirl boots it is!

We were having such a lovely time exploring what was growing in our yard she didn't even mind me taking pictures. Normally I take one or two and she tells me 'You're done" and runs away. So unfair for a sewing mama with such a gorgeous daughter!

That's the face that makes me almost forget that she only recently started sleeping through the night! She can bring me so much joy!

Although she is also the reason I no longer color my hair 'just for fun'.....toddlers bring out the greys!


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