Monday, May 6, 2013

Sweet and Simple Sundays???

It is my opinion that little girls dressed up for church in their 'Sunday Best' is one of the sweetest sights around. I simply adore them decked out in their little dresses, Mary Jane shoes and hair bows. If they sport a hat or little gloves then I am just over the moon thrilled. More people should wear hats and gloves to church, don't you think? At this point in the conversation (if we were chatting face to face) it would be very obvious that I am indeed southern. Most people would think wearing a hat and gloves to church is frivolous or ridiculous. A southerner thinks 'Oh my goodness, bless her little heart'. True story people.

I suspect my love affair with proper Sunday attire stems partly from reading the Little House on the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables books from a young age. The taught of special clothing one wore only on fancy occasions spoke to my 'poor little girl in the trailer park' heart. My reality was that we only got a new (or hand me down dress) for Easter if my mom was sober enough to remember or a grandmother sent one OR if my mom decided to get married which she actually did frequently. We weren't church going folks so in reality there wasn't much of a need for fancy frocks. That of course didn't stop me from being completely enamored with Sunday clothes or families that went to church every week. Conveniently I married a Pastor so weekly church attendance and Sunday clothes are now part of our reality! As are matching bed sheets. I'm weird like that.

After waiting 12 years for this little hobbit of mine you can bet that I thoroughly enjoy dressing her up like a doll baby for church each Sunday. I love nothing better than staying up late Saturday night finishing up a new dress for her to wear. New shiny white Mary Jane shoes are now part of our Easter traditions and if her poor head wasn't in the 99% on the growth chart making it a challenge to find one to fit then hats would definitely be a wardrobe staple. My precious little girl dressed in a sweet dress, rockin' her hair bows and Sunday shoes bring me so much joy.

So imagine my reaction yesterday when my pretty little daughter dressed in her Sunday finery actually locked a little boy in the bathroom IN THE DARK! Poor fella had his pants around his ankles so he couldn't move fast enough to stop her. Want to know what she did when he started to panic and get scared? She LAUGHED. That's right ladies and gentlemen, my child found pleasure in terrorizing another kid. I'm raising a bully. There she stood looking like a sweet little angel but obviously her hair bows were hiding her horns....


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