Monday, May 13, 2013

On Mother's Day

Oh how I love Mother's Day! I rejoice in celebrating that I am now a mother which is a blessing that I prayed many, many years to receive. I found great joy and delight in celebrating the fact that I was blessed with this amazing child and I am her mama!

But reality is that I've not always enjoyed Mother's Day. My emotions surrounding this day have run the gamut from indifference to down right pain. You see, I am a daughter who was raised with out a mother. There are other motherless daughters who lost their moms, to illness or accidents or natural causes, who still celebrate Mother's Day as a tribute or time for remembrance and even if it is perhaps full of sorrow they still celebrate. That is not my story. I was born to a wild and self indulgent mother who's life ended tragically early because she was reckless and wild. Her hedonistic existence left behind 2 young motherless daughter who where then shuffled from family member to family member until they were old enough to carve their own path. Through God's grace and mercy I have healed from that pain but I can not change that fact that those experiences have shaped the woman I am.

Fast forward to the twelve long years I spent praying for a child. Oh how I longed to be a mother. Over the course of those years I threw fourteen baby showers for other women and watch countless friends and family welcome numerous children of their own. As I celebrated each new child's birth I couldn't help but pray just a little harder for my own blessing, my own child to hold and love and nurture. Many tears were shed. Thankfully even though God may not work on our time table and with in the parameters of our demands He does work!  An added bonus is that His timing is always perfect!

After a beautiful morning at church which included a sweet baby dedication we spent the afternoon making lunch together and snuggling. She even let me take some pictures of her by our little apple tree. After a winter with the strangest weather that just doesn't seem to want to end (we had 6 inches of snow last week) it is such a refreshing joy to see blossoms on the apple trees. Although I did say several prayers Saturday night that it wouldn't freeze and kill them all like it did last year, it was a concern. But it seems Spring may be here to stay and for that I am so excited. I love how even nature echoes the Resurrection story with it's death (winter) and rebirth (spring). Even creation worships our Creator!

I have to confess I stayed up past 1am finishing this little dress for her. It was totally worth it in my opinion. I loved the time to myself creating and I think the dress turned out beautiful. It was very simple but fun to make. Details at the end of this post.

The Hobbit that stole my heart!

On Mother's Day in church all the ladies get a carnation. You get red if your mother is living and white if she is not. Reagan enjoyed playing with these flowers and as you can see she stole mine.

My sweet girl. Thanks for making me a Mama!

In other exciting news we finally got a much needed dresser for our bedroom. It's huge, old and fabulous. Plus it was only a dollar at the Auction. Can't beat that! So there is a thrifty and DIY bedroom make over in my near future.

Dress Details: I used CKC's Jewel Dress which is a Stripped Peasant style dress that went together very quickly. The only modifications I made were to leave off the sash (which I'm pretty sure was optional anyways) and to add lots of topstitching which in my opinion elevates a home made dress to a Hand Made Dress. I topstitched each strip in the skirt. I also think it helps it lay nicer.
The fabric I used was this gorgeous Nicey Jane fabric by Heather Baily which has been curing In my stash for eons.

Thanks for looking!


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