Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Such a Little Mama

Oh my Reggie Girl sure loves her "babies". I think it is so sweet the way she is very in to dolly play which I know is totally common for this age but is so sweet.

Reggie never took a pacifier as an infant. She just wasn't interested in that sort of thing. She wasn't a thumb/hand/fist sucker either so I find it very amusing that now at two and a half she is VERY interested by pacifiers. In fact she found an old baby bottle and took the lid off to pop the nipple out and she seriously Macgyvered herself a pacifier. Now since we aren't at all interested in having her start a pacifier habit now we had to put a stop to that but for real who starts trying to suck a pacifier if they are using the potty and speaking in complete sentences (actually this child speaks in paragraphs, I have no idea who she inherited that from)? Anyways she decided that having a baby who has a pacifier was an acceptable substitution. Personally I felt she had plenty of dolls already and was hoping she would develop a deeper relationship with her existing babies. I lost that battle. I finally caved after many months of her asking nearly daily and found a doll that has a pacifier that doesn't look too freaky. Reggie named her Jessie and she is in love.

It just tickles me pink the way she packs her around on her hip like a little mama.

This little doll is just the perfect size for her. Also you can see the new dress I made her last night since she felt she needed something new to wear to Story Time at the library today.

This doll is by Melissa and Doug and it is their 12 inch "Jenna" doll. What sold me on this baby is her size and that she has a cute face even without the pacifier. Not to be vulgar but a lot of dolls with pacifiers look too much like blow up dolls with out their binky. Way too icky. Not this one, she does have a sweet little face and smell like baby powder. So even though I was sad that Reggie doesn't just want dolls lovingly hand made by her mama at least this one is cute. For real, the doll I made her for Christmas (by hand) is completely neglected.

As I was thinking of baby dolls this week it occurred to me that all the dolls in our house are usually naked. In fact within an hour of receiving her Reggie had poor Jessie striped down to her birthday suit.

This is all but one of Reggie's babies. The back row is Molly, Creepy and Ally (her Christmas doll) and the front row is Baby Moses and Jessie. Creepy is only wearing a dress because Reggie snitched this dress from her friend's house and Ally's sweater was hand made by my best friend so every time I come across her laying naked in the floor I at least put her sweater on. She actually has a lovely handmade wardrobe somewhere... I'm told this is perfectly normal and that she may or may not out grow this "naked baby" phase. I guess time will tell. It is rather funny.

Her dress is the PortabellaPixie Claire Knot dress made out of an assortment of Riley Blake fabrics. I suspect I love this pattern too much and need to pass it on since I've made it lots and lots.


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