Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Exploring the yard.

The best thing about exploring the yard is that thanks to God doing such an amazing job creating Nature it is always changing. There is always something new to discover, investigate and explore. For example, the Hobbits love to visit the duck pond and throw rocks in the water. When we went down there on this day they discovered some green weedy stuff floating in the water. Not sure if it was moss, algae, weeds although it certainly appeared slimy. That didn't bother the hobbits, they had fun trying to throw their rocks in the green slime. 45 minutes later and they were still having fun although it was getting harder to find the coveted "big" rocks.

Yes, this is certainly one of their favorite outside destinations. I try to bring them down at least once a week to see what's going on. I would bring them down daily but I suspect all the rock throwing is a bit disturbing for the birds, fish and creatures that make this pond their home.

As we walked down to the swing set the girls ran on ahead but Va decided to walk with me. I love it when he's being sweet and opposed to a naughty troll who likes to make the girlies squeal. We talked about Leo the calf and the clouds and the trees. We actually had such a lovely little chat about tree bark. We talked about how it is like the tree's skin and how it feels rough. Then we found a stick. Oh my goodness, something magical happens when a little boy finds a stick! Granted, sometimes it's not that good kind of magical such as when the little boy thinks "Golly gee, I just found a weapon that I can terrorize the girls with!" but sometimes it is a very special kind of wonderful. A stick can be so many fun things...a magic wand, a tool for whacking (not human/animal things) a pony, a fishing pole or.......

A Lion Tamer!!!

Seriously Lucky the kitty was willing to chase this stick all over the yard for Va. I was so blessed and thrilled to hear his delighted giggles as they made their way through the grass.

And then the girls came back and stole the cat....magical moments can't last forever.

And 2year old girls can be jerks sometimes :)


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