Monday, June 3, 2013

Vacations are Fun

But there is no place like home!

We've just returned from our bi annual vacation to Tennessee where we visit our cherished family and friends. Reggie asks at least once a week to go to Grammy's house in Tennessee. We typically go around the Memorial day holiday before it gets way too hot down south and also at Thanksgiving. My husband and I both spent our high school years there and it is where most of our family resides. Which means this is by far NOT a relaxing vacation. There are just too many things to do and loved ones to see. Squeezing it all can be a challenge and usually we don't make it to someone we had hoped to spend time with. But all in all it was a much needed and very fun trip.

There is always lots of shopping to do and plenty of eating as well. Add to that visiting family and friends, a trip to the zoo, swimming in the pool, slip and slide with cousins, a picnic in the park, feeding the ducks and a special trip to get ice cream with Grammy and you have a whirlwind of fun and excitement. Frankly I could use a couple days just to recover!

We arrived late on Thursday and on Friday we went out shopping with Grammy. That evening we had a picnic in the park and fed the ducks. Then Saturday was the day Reggie had been looking forward to. We went to the Nashville Zoo. The weather was perfect. Warm and breezy with plenty of sunshine.

I love how it looks like this goose is 'goosing' my brother in law. It wasn't but still so funny.

Off to make a new friend.

She's a brave one that hobbit of mine.

Feeding the Lorikeets was everyone's favorite activity at the zoo.

Sunday we went to church with Grammy and then out to lunch with family. A quick nap and then some more shopping.

Monday meant a cookout and party Aunt Jenna's house. Lots of cousins to play with. We were blessed with another gorgeous day so the kidlets spent lots of time playing in the sprinkler and on the slip and slide.

Reggie with her sweet cousin Berklee who is just a couple weeks older.

Fun in the Sun

Tuesday held a special surprise for me since we took a trip to one of my favorite fabric stores. Textile Fabrics in Nashville has amazing variety and selection so I love, love, love going there. Especially when Grammy is buying. Their prices aren't great so I try not to get too much. So imagine my surprise when I comment to the lady cutting my fabric that it is rather busier than normal in there and she said it was normally a lot busier during their sale. Sale?!?! I inquired further and low and behold every single fabric was 50% off. Let's just say we had a little more shopping to do. I was so excited that tears came to my eyes. Yes, I am that sort of ridiculous. I'm planning for fall since the girly has more than plenty for Summer. See, I'm ridiculous enough to have a photo shoot with my fabrics.

My Loot.

The rest of the week sped by in a blur of shopping, swimming, visiting, eating, laughing and Star Trek TNG episodes.

We love to play dominoes

Looking at pictures with Grammy

I am happy to be home since it appears that I've evolved into quite the home body, Mama Troll likes to guard her bridge. Even so, I am looking forward to our Fall trip. We're also praying we can convince Grammy to come visit in September.


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