Tuesday, July 16, 2013

KCW Day 1

I must confess day one of KCW went very well for me. I was on fire! Of course I was also off work and ignoring my housework....Reggie got up at 3:45am so she fell asleep on the floor of my sewing room for several house which helped.

I finished BOTH of the Green Bee Lily dresses. Start to finish! I'm very pleased with the way they turned out. The shot cotton was beautiful to work with. I made the sleeveless version of this dress with no changes and I followed her instructions. Of course if I make it again there are some things I would change.

This one is N's dress for Kindergarten. I intended this for easy wearing by itself during the warmer months and over tights and with a cardigan for Fall. I had originally thought a long sleeve shirt could go underneath but I suspect it will be too snug.

The one I made for Reggie is intended for a weekend trip we have coming up to see Grammy. We're going to meet up in St. Louis and I thought a new dress might be nice. In all honesty she doesn't need a new dress but Grammy picked out the little houses fabric and she loves it when I sew for Reggie. Also I expect it's going to hot, hot, hot and the shot cotton seems so cool and breezy.

My well bribed model with her Trader Joe's lolly pop. She also made me pay her in lipgloss....

Not too bad at all for day 1. Today is day 2 and I have to work but I will spend the hobbits' nap time tracing and cutting and start sewing tonight when Reggie goes to bed.

Someone is stylin'!

Actually when I started sewing she informed me she didn't like any of the fabrics I was using and neither would N. She changed her mind and let's hope she was wrong about N as well.


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