Sunday, July 14, 2013

KCW: Gearing up!

I'm so excited that KCW is now 4x a year. I'm also very excited about their new website! It is usually just the motivational challenge I need to get crackin' on my sewing goals. How is works is you commit to sewing for your kids an hour day for a week. That's it, not hard or complicated, not points or rules etc. However, as we all know, sewing is so much fun that an hour flies by and a lot of times we keep right on sewing. But even at only one hour a day you can usually crank out at least 2-3 useful, wearable articles of clothing for your children. No a bad outcome from doing something you love anyways.

I'm trying to get in the habit of sewing for the next season so I feel less scrambled and rushed to get things completed so they can be worn immediately. It also helps me plan and organize so that I make less random stuff and the pieces of her wardrobe work together better. So even though this is Summer KCW I will be sewing for Fall. Also I'm sewing both for Reggie and for my best friend M's little girl N who will be heading to Kindergarten this Fall. N's birth was my catalyst to start sewing clothing so this is very special for me.

Yesterday and today is being spent prepping and gearing up. I've been making a game plan, tracing/cutting, gathering notions and cleaning the 'Sewing Pit of Doom' so that when KCW officially starts tomorrow my time will be dedicated to actually sewing and not 'pre-sewing' activities. I've set some pretty lofty goals so I'll need as much sewing time as possible to see how far down my list I can go.

Here are my Goals. I've purposely set the bar pretty high. I'll be sewing each of the following twice, one for each girl. The goal is a weeks worth of clothes for Kindy for N.

1. Green Bee Lily Dress x2
2. Oliver +S Swing Set outfit x2
3. Oliver +S Music Class Outfit x2
4.Elephants and Elegance Bubble Shorts x2
5. Clever Charlotte Raven Pants and Hoodie. x2

If all goes according to plan then I should have some cute stuff to show you very soon! Tell me, are you sewing along with KCW? What are your plans and goals.


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