Wednesday, July 17, 2013

KCW Day 2

Honestly I didn't think I would have a finished garment at the end of day 2 since I spent all day with the hobbits and didn't even start these until nearly 9pm but I do...well technically I didn't finish until 1am but we're just claim these as a day 2 victory!

For N's Kindy wardrobe I made these Oliver+S Sailboat capris out of a stretch twill I rescued from her mama's stash. I wish I had several more yards of that fabric to be honest, it was great. I was thinking she needed a few wardrobe staples that could be worn with different things for versatility. Practicality and versatility are not necessarily my strengths when sewing but I'm trying. In reality if M didn't talk some sense into me every once in awhile the girls would have closets for of dresses...oh wait, they do. Ooops. But in heeding her wisdom I've made some practical and still cute capris. I'm actually rather proud of these.

Ok, technically these weren't on my to do list this week but I need to wait for some button hole elastic to arrive before I make the Clever Charlotte Raven pants so I moved these up in the queue.