Monday, July 29, 2013

St Louis Weekend Trip Vol. 1

Last weekend we left early on Friday to drive to St. Louis to meet up with my sweet mother in law 'Grammy' and Uncle Mark my brother in law. Reggie has been missing Grammy quite a bit lately so we decided to make a quick trip since waiting to see them until Thanksgiving felt like such a long time away. St. Louis is a great half way point and it is such an amazing city.

First stop was the Butterfly House. Well technically the butterfly house is in Chesterfield, MO. We stopped there last summer and loved it so I was very excited to go back. Reggie had already requested a butterfly themed birthday party come September.

Investigating with Uncle Mark!

She was so happy to be with Grammy and Uncle Mark. It was such a blessing to see and experience her joy.

You see Reggie is the only grandchild and we made my sweet mother in law wait 12 years for her. Add to that the fact that Grammy is Reggie's only grandparent and you can see why they have an extra special relationship.

She only begrudgingly posed for this picture. She was rather busy chasing butterflies and Uncle Mark.

Someone finally conquered her fear of carousels with the help of Daddy and Uncle Mark. In fact this one was rode several times.

Next up was a trip to the mall and a special early birthday trip into the American Girl Doll store. A certain almost 3 year old is VERY loved and very lucky. Personally, I've wanted an American Girl doll since I was 8 years old. Unfortunately for me that wasn't a possibility since I grew up very poor.

 She just wanted the girl Bitty Baby twin. Apparently boys are least according to Reggie.

Little Miss Independent. The people dining outside of the Cheesecake Factory thought she was adorable. Several people snapped pics with their cell phones.

Then back to the hotel to unwind and see what Grammy brought in her bag for us to enjoy.

A bed time story and snuggle with Grammy!

A few pictures the next day with Grammy and the new dolly who at this point was names Pond. Thankfully she has since been rechristened Gigi.

She always likes to style Uncle Mark's hair. He liked playing with Pond/Gigi

Pretty sure daddy loves the dolly as much as Reggie!

We had such a full and fun day we all slept soundly! We needed the rest since Saturday we went to the City Museum which was so amazing it gets its own post tomorrow!


  1. Love your daughter's clothes!

  2. Thank you so very much! I love dressing her up like my little doll baby.