Sunday, October 13, 2013

Advent Calendar Crafting

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and I've got festivity making on the brain! Last year was our first year doing an Advent Calendar and we really loved it. Often when we light the supper candle Reggie will ask when we are doing advent again. You can read more about our first experience and some thoughts about celebrating the Christmas season on my old blog.

This year as I strive to embrace a more frugal and hand crafted life style I have challenged myself to make as many as possible of the little gift the we give through out the Advent season. I've also challenged myself to make the gifts from stuff I have on hand. Shop the stash, no buying! Don't feel too sorry for me, my craft stash is huge to be honest.

So last night while getting caught up on Project Runway I made this shiny bauble.

To be honest I didn't have enough of the color and styles of beads I really wanted to use but I couldn't very well blow my challenge on the very first project. Besides, it is sparkly and festive. Perfect for an accessory loving girly.

I'd love for you to craft along with me! Please feel free to share what you make or any ideas in the comments section each week.

Needing some ideas? Boy, O Boy Pinterest is a wealth of inspiration! Here are some ideas rambling around in my head.

Cute little pouches to pack around found treasures.
A sweet little apron for those messy baking projects.
A tiny crown would be a nice dress up bin addition.
A cute memory match game.
A portable felt board for car trips or church time.
An on the go art satchel .
Everyone loves receiving mail!
These would make tea time such a lovely play time.
This sleepy little mouse family has me swooning.
What a great way to use up some scraps. Dolly fashions.
How about some felt food for the play kitchen.

I'll be back later in the week with more ideas and suggestions. Especially for those boys. How about you? Got any great ideas to share?


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