Saturday, October 12, 2013

Excuses, Excuses...An update of sorts

So I owe everyone (all 3 of you) an apology for my hiatus. Life got a bit busy there for awhile. Lots of changes, lots of excitement. I've thought about blogging and even going as far as mentally writing blog posts. Eh, moving on...

Here are some of my lames excuses.

This sweet hobbit had a unicorn inspired birthday!

And Canning season...

And this is just what I remembered to take pictures of. Salsa, beans, beets, more beans, pasta sauce, one of MANY batches of Apple butter and diced tomatoes. I also have about a dozen jars of pear honey as well.

Oh and my bestie came for a visit!

Bringing some of my favorite people!

But things in my neck of the woods have settle down a bit and I've sincerely missed sharing in this space so I'm back with a few new features. I've set myself the challenge of trying to hand make most of the gift on our Advent Calendar this year so I thought I'd do a weekly post on it and invite you to craft along with me. Also I had a lot of interest and questions regarding the Invitations to Play and Tot Trays I set up for Reggie to keep her engaged and entertained so I' also going to make that a weekly post. Perhaps it can inspire others.

Also wanted to note that I am no longer hobbit keeping for the other children. We enjoyed our time together and they will be missed but we're excited for the next stage of our journey. We wish them all the best.

Now that you know what I've been doing, what have you been up to?


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