Saturday, February 1, 2014

Not a Knitter.

As I sit in the children's section of the library (where I now have a part time job) on a cold, snowy Saturday on the first day of February it occurred to me that lately my brain seems a place for brilliant albeit ambitious, unrealistic and sometimes utterly frivolous ideas to fly in and get trapped. They just keep buzzing around in there until either a better idea comes along and gets stuck or I take action on the I have several ideas whirling and swirling around in my head which has lead to a slightly frantic, almost manic feeling and also lots of little, quickly jotted notes littering the surface of the circulation desk. Because frankly, sometimes it get so crowed in this brain that even good ideas can be suffocated and die.

One particularly insane and ambitious idea that I'm currently taking action on is that I *must* knit my dear mother in law a scarf for her rapidly impending birthday. What's so insane and ambitious about knitting a scarf you ask? Well for one thing, I'm not a knitter... nope, I'm a fiber hoarder. It even says so in my Ravelry profile. Sure, I can cast on, knit, purl and bind off but that doesn't actually make me a knitter. Simply knowing *how* to knit does not make one a knitter. There are lots of attributes that do make up a knitter and generally somewhere on that list the words 'Likes to knit' will be found.

Let me clarify, I am not one of those crafters who crafts because I find solace and refreshment in the slow, rhythmic process. I don't create for relaxation, I create because I HAVE order to stay sane and be allowed in public with out a straight jacket and a scrub wearing escort... I create for the finished product, to see something I dreamed up manifest into a usable item. Don't get me wrong, once I get in the groove I do relax but my "relaxation" looks a lot less zen and a whole lot like me dancing around the room and singing loudly. Out of that chaos productivity will emerge.

So why and I attempting to knit a scarf again? Because the idea flew into my head and inspired me to do so....sometimes it's just fun to hop aboard the crazy train just to see where it's going. Also because I know my mother in law will love it. She probably won't wear it but she will hoard and treasure it beyond measure. She once had a little table quilt I made her professionally framed. So really it's not such a bad idea unless you factor in the non-knitter thing....oh and her birthday is in 12 Tennessee. Now I really wish I hadn't dropped the hank while winding it and ended up with a tangled mess.

All aboard..the crazy train will be traveling at warp speed.


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