Monday, April 29, 2013

Meet the Hobbits

So I thought I should introduce you to the Naughty Hobbits. I have one half-ling of my very own and I take care of (Aka Nanny, for lack of a better word) 3 other children whom I also love dearly. Why "Naughty Hobbits" you ask? Well, I love Tolkien and The Hobbit and like hobbits the children are half size for now, although with the rate the boy eats it won't be that way for long. But also because there is just something magical and enchanting about hobbits and children, they both contain such whimsy that you can't help but enjoy them. However, 3 of my hobbits are 2 years old so they spend a great deal of day thinking up mischief and mayhem, hence they are often 'naughty'. When they aren't getting into mischief they spend the other portion of the day eating and occassionally bickering kind of like toddlers....

Meet the Twinkies!
 photo Twinkies_zpsc26b0128.jpg
Yep, boy/girl twins. Va and Vi are a lot of fun.

Oh the boy! Va can be sooo naughty but also sooo sweet
 photo Vance_zpse08b3579.jpg

Such a sweet girl. Vi loves to flip and stand on her head!
 photo Vivi_zpsff535dd5.jpg

And the little snuuggle hobbit. Jr ar is the cuddliest baby around.
 photo Jr_zpse008f749.jpg

And the little hobbit that completely stole my heart. My very own hobbit girl! Reggie
 photo Myhobbit_zps7916f92c.jpg

So these are the special and amazing children I am blessed to spend my days with.


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