Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Part 2

This second little outfit was part of the way assembled before KCW but I thought I would use the motivation to go ahead and finish it up. In all honesty, I am in love with this fabric and the yellow/grey color combo. Actually I have a skirt from this same fabric and Reggie has a dress out of it already. But I love it and had several yards plus I found these adorable shoes
at Old Navy to coordinate with it.

In classic 2yo style she has loaded herself down with numerous treasures to leave the house. Apparently she need both a backpack and a purse.

These are the shoes the outfit was made to coordinate with however as you can see she made an executive decision NOT to wear them. Instead she felt more like a ballerina hence the ballet slippers.

And what better way to model a new grey/yellow outfit than with some lovely lemon ice cream!


Both top and bottoms are from the Oliver+S Sailboat pattern (it also includes an adorable skirt). I made this using an Amy Butler print quilting cotton and solid grey Kona cotton. Oh an yellow buttons, man, I love buttons.

The fit is pretty spot on although the pants are a little too baggy now that a certain someone is rocking the panties instead of a diaper. I will fix that little fit issue but scooting over the buttons on the britches.


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