Sunday, June 9, 2013

It needed some love...

I made this little Amelia by Olabelhe several years in before I was even expecting a child. I was a slow (and easily distracted) seamstress and this dress didn't get completed in time to fit the child I had intended it for. I passed it along to my best friend's little girl but it wasn't worn by her either. In M's defense it did lack the needed button holes which neither of us enjoy doing. So when I was in Wisconsin a few weeks back I pillaged through M's stash for fabric (because I need more NOT) and rescued this dress. Turns out it fits Reggie perfectly! As if it was intended for her all along.

We added a sweet little necklace and now we have a perfect summer outfit.

I'm slightly addicted to making these chunky necklaces.


  1. How totally perfect is that. I'm so glad the dress found its way back to you.